Welcome to the hivelog program: “Hivelog – keep it simple”

Welcome to the hivelog program. We call it ”Hivelog – keep it simple”. This program is for free. We have focused on keeping it simple – not a lot of fancy programming or graphics etc., but the fast and simple collection of data.

This program is produced by the Danish Beekeepers’ Association for Danish beekeepers, but we have translated it so that beekeepers in others countries can use it, and you’re most welcome to do so!

The site is under construction, but please use the instruction videos to get started.

As you can see, we call the program www.hivelog.dk where you can access it directly. Please take a moment to study the site as well. The address to this page is www.myhivelog.org

We hope to improve the site a lot in the near future.

Flemming Vejsnæs